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See Jane Lose

By popular demand, Grand Traverse Woman partnered with Premier in 2010-2011 for the return of the reader favorite, "See Jane Lose Makeover!"

"See Jane Lose Makeover" offered three fantastic "Janes" in the Traverse City area full Premier membership benefits PLUS the luxury of their own Premier certified personal trainers. The result? "Janes" embraced the opportunity to define priorities, boost energy, create lifelong health strategies... and LOSE WEIGHT AND INCHES!

During the span of six months, the Janes evaluated their lifestyle and habits, established helath goals and strengthened their bodies and minds. You followed them at Premier and in Grand Traverse Woman Magazine, the FREE bimonthly publication exclusively created by twin sisters and area natives Kandace Chapple and Kerry Winkler. You celebrated and supported your Janes along the way including our 2011 Jane Finale Party in May!

The smart, supportive and FREE program was offered to Grand Traverse Woman readers by the pros at Premier Heath & Fitness. Other program sponsors brought more benefits to the "Janes":

GTOC: Skin and Cosmetic Makeover... complete with New Eyewear!

Traverse Dental Associates: Teeth Whitening!

Salon 804: Makeover Haircut, Color, Manicure, Brow/Lip Wax and Finale Party Styling!

Meet Your Janes

Kelly Stockfisch, 38

LOST! 24 lbs, 26.5 inches

Wife and Mom of 4 ages 6 mos, 7, 10 and their angel John
Daycare business owner and provider
PTO President, Westwoods Elementary School
Director, Long Lake Baseball and Softball Association

Height: 5'4" Starting Weight: 258 lbs
Premier Trainer: Karen Belanger

Kelly: Karen, my personal trainer, found ways to make me laugh even during the hardest workouts. “Abs in, Kelly, and don't forget to breathe. Kelly, you look like you're not breathing.” Or, “It's all about coordination, Kelly.” (Thanks Karen, I have none.) Yes, Karen always made me smile.

Karen Belanger, CPT, Kelly's personal trainer at Premier Health & Fitness: Kelly can do the work and it shows! She has lost over 26 inches since we've begun training. Juggling the life of a business owner, regional little league baseball coordinator and mother of three just goes to show that women as busy as Kelly can still find the time and discipline to lose those pounds.

Karen’s 3 MOTIVATIONAL TIPS to stay on track:
  1. Don't lose sight of your GOAL
  2. It's not a diet, it’s a NEW YOU
  3. Make your exercise FUN!


Holly Hack, 33

LOST! 29 lbs, 34.5 inches

Wife and Mom of 3 ages 3, 5, 7
Loan Officer, First Place Bank
Chairperson, Festival of Tables for Child and Family Services
Co-Chair, Bras for a Cause Event Committee for Northern Michigan Women's Council of Realtors

Height: 5'8" Starting Weight: 180 lbs
Premier Trainer: Sue Cole

Holly: Sue has pushed me... In so many positive ways. She focuses not only on exercise, but on total well- being for nutrition of mind and body.

Sue Cole, CPT, Holly's personal trainer at Premier Health & Fitness: Holly’s dedicated! No matter how busy you think you are, you are not too busy to fit daily exercise into your life. Holly has three small children, works full-time, volunteers, and chairs committees. She is the busiest person I know and yet she can find time to exercise EVERY DAY!

Sue’s 3 FITNESS TIPS that work:
  1. Plan ahead and JOURNAL for exercise and food. Write it down and follow it.
  2. FIND OTHERS that you enjoy working out with to inspire and encourage each other!
  3. Participate in COMMUNITY EVENTS that involve exercise: benefit walks, runs, snowshoeing, biking etc. Enjoy a fun goal! With Holly's passion for charity fundraising and her new love for exercise, she combines them both. She has already run in two 5k benefits and her goal is to support one event per month. Go Holly!


Kristin Sonnemann-Grams, 44

LOST! 44 lbs, 35 inches

Wife and Mom of 3 ages 4, 10, 12
Special Education Teacher, TCAPS
Supports children struggling with autism, learning disabilities, emotional, physical and mental impairments

Height: 5'5"  Starting Weight: 200 lbs
Premier Trainer: Megan Barnes

Kristin: Megan, my Premier trainer, is dedicated, motivating, and knowledgeable. At first, I thought her nutrition expectations were totally crazy, but after following them for awhile, two things happened. One, I saw the results. Two, I found that I had willpower I never knew existed.

Megan Barnes, CPT, Kristin’s personal trainer at Premier Health & Fitness: Kristin is a hard worker. Getting in better than average shape takes effort and time.

Megan’s 3 NUTRITION TIPS to live by:
  1. PLAN & PREP: Nutrition is 80%! Eating several protein-based meals a day takes planning: If you are going to grill chicken, make enough for 2-3 days.
  2. KEEP JUNK FOOD OUT OF THE HOUSE: If you know chocolate is your downfall, don't keep it around. That Godiva in your kitchen is gonna-diva' on your thighs!
  3. APPROPRIATE REWARD MEAL PLANNING: It is the 80/20 rule, stay on your plan 80% of the week and enjoy reward meals 20% of the week. If you need to be more strict, go 90/10. Don’t diet 100% of the time. An occasional, well-earned-from-hard-training cheat meal keeps you sane and your metabolism firing.

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2010-11 Jane portraits Photography by Scarlett.